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In 1991, our company, the Hungaroproject Mérnökiroda Kft. (Hungaroproject Engineering Ltd.) was developed from the Electrical Department of General Building Construction Company (ÁÉTV) having got forty years`experience in the field of designing and engineering.Our co-workers had gained electric designing experiences in many decades and our projects served as a basis for the estabilishment of several hundred buildings (of dwelling, communal, commercial, cultural, office, sanitary and other purposes). There are eight full-time employees of high professional qualification working with the company out them four licensed as a leading designer while two of them are registered experts. All of them are Members of Chamber of Hungarian Engineers. Depending on the volume and aim of projecting, on occasions, we employ sub-designers or give a mandate to further co-workers stemming from the reliable circle of our partners. Our sphere of activity covers nearly the full area of electrical engineering from internal electrical installations of buildings (lighting, building engineering and technological equipments, high & low voltage and power equipments, installations of protection against lighting and electric shock, etc.) to external electrical energy distribution networks, transformer stations and outdoor illuminating systems. Our activities still involve consultation, giving expert opinion and any phases of designing procedure (feasibilitiy study, project programming, licensing, tendering, construction, projects realisation and preparation of budgets), including further construction works (works management, technical control).

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